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Our Generous Sponsors 

The team works with a variety of companies and organizations to source materials, tools, and funding to develop and manufacture the car. Our generous sponsors and donors make it possible for us to compete with the best teams in Formula SAE which allows us to gain valuable skills and experiences.

Support The Team

The team is always accepting additional funds to purchase tools, parts, materials, and various resources to engineer a safe and competitive car. Your donations make it possible for the Michigan State University Formula Racing Team to continue to compete in Formula SAE and allow our members to build valuable skills and experiences. We appreciate any and all donations. Thank you for your generosity.


Network With Us

Is your organization searching for young, passionate, and experienced people to join your team? Look no further, our Team Leads are amazing examples of what it means to learn through action. View our Team Lead profiles to contact them regarding professional opportunities. 

Follow Our Journey

Get an inside look at how the team operates and competes by browsing through our Instagram page, binging through our YouTube channel, or touring through our TikTok account. We strive to create content that will make you feel as if you are a part of the team through our media.

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