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Formula SAE Scoring

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Event Breakdown


The Endurance event evaluates the car's reliability and resilience in a 22-kilometer race. The Endurance race is broken up into two 11-kilometer stints with a driver change in between the stints. The car cannot be repaired, modified, or refueled during the race so teams have to plan their strategy accordingly. If the car is not able to finish the race, or is disqualified, the team earns zero points for this event.


The Efficiency event evaluates the car's fuel consumption through the Endurance event. The score is derived by measuring how much fuel is consumed in the 22-kilometer Endurance race. If the team doesn't finish the Endurance race, they don't receive points in the Efficiency event either. Teams must balance their engine's fuel consumption for maximum performance whilst minimizing consumption.


The Acceleration event is as simple as it gets. Get from point A to B, in a straight line, as fast as possible. The car must begin stationary and race 75 meters to the finish line, once the flag is dropped.


The Skidpad event evaluates the car's maximum lateral grip by subjecting the car to constant radius clockwise and counter-clockwise turns. Driver skill is just as important as the car's performance in this event.



The Autocross event evaluates the car's overall performance in a one-lap sprint. Two drivers are given two attempts each to set the fastest time on the track whilst staying within the bounds of the course and keeping their car in one piece.

Cost Report

During the Formula SAE season, students create a detailed cost report for the car. The cost report includes the cost of materials, tools, parts, manufacturing, and assembly. The cost report is scored based on the accuracy and quality of the report and the total cost of the car.

Design Presentation

In the Design Presentation teams present the theories ehind the design of the various parts of the car and the validation of their systems to a panel of industry experts. The presentation is scored based on their understanding of concepts and quality of their car's design.

Business Presentation

For the Business Presentation, students must develop and deliver a precise and detailed business plan that addresses how the team would overcome hypothetical challenges. The presentation is scored based on the quality of the presentation and the thoroughness of the business plan. 

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