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Join The Family

Interested in joining? Michigan State Formula Racing Team is always looking to grow the family. Our team is all-inclusive and accepts students from all disciplines and majors. We teach all incoming members everything they need to know to contribute to the success of the team.

Our Systems


The Powertrain Team is tasked with servicing, diagnosing, and improving the internal combustion engine and drivetrain. The Powertrain Team is always collecting data to increase efficiency and power output while ensuring the engine is in racing condition.



The Suspension Team designs, maintains, troubleshoots, and adjusts the car's suspension to ensure maximum performance throughout various events. Aspects such as the toe, camber, and ARB stiffness are adjusted between events to ensure the car is in peak condition to compete.


The Chassis Team designs and manufactures the primary structure of our car. Whether the team decides to utilize 3/4, 1/2, and full composite monocoque or steel tube chassis, the chassis team ensures the primary structure is up to safety standards and is optimized to perform to the car's full potential at the competition.



The Aerodynamics Team designs the front wing, undertray, side pods, and rear wing components of the car through the use of Computational Fluid Dynamics software. Aerodynamic components are designed to generate high levels of downforce whilst minimizing the drag generated by the aerodynamic package to maximize vehicle performance.


The Operations Team handles the finance, marketing, and media aspects of the team. Members contact companies to procure resources for the team, develop and maintain strong relationships with sponsors, work on purchasing and budgeting, and create content for the team's social media. 



The Electrical Team handles the development of the vehicle's low-voltage electronics, high-voltage powertrain, and software. This includes power distribution, controls programming, electric motor testing/tuning, as well as the design and manufacturing of the wire harness, PCBs, and accumulator.


Thanks for reaching out!

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