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Arinc Kuloglu

Kuloglu, Arinc.jpg

Major: Mechanical Engineering with Aerospace concentration


Chassis Lead, Vehicle Structures Manager

As the Chassis lead, I am responsible for the design, simulation, validation, and manufacturing of the primary structure of our vehicle. Every redesign cycle, we decide on one type of chassis platform (full carbon monocoque, 3/4 carbon monocoque, or 1/2 carbon monocoque) to move on and optimize it throughout the cycle until it ends. The chassis redesign cycle currently occurs every three years, and this year I am working on the chassis of team’s first EV car.

The chassis team has to work collaboratively with every other system of the team to ensure every other element of the vehicle assembly works flawlessly, including the vehicle's aerodynamic performance. This year, my ultimate goal is to manufacture a Full Carbon Fiber monocoque with a structural weight advantage whilst maintaining the chassis overall stiffness compared to the previous vehicle’s monocoque. In this direction, data acquisition will be conducted and compiled after the monocoque is removed from the tooling mold. The data will be acquired by performing a real-life torsional stiffness test and comparing it to the post-processed data of the torsional stiffness simulation.

In addition to the Chassis lead role, I also have a position titled 'Vehicle Structures Manager.' This role is instrumental in overseeing structures, ergonomics, outboard assemblies, and chassis subsystems. I play a pivotal role in the coordination and logistics of these systems, ensuring seamless integration within the overall vehicle design. I am responsible for managing the structural aspects of the vehicle, optimizing ergonomics for performance and comfort, and overseeing the integration of outboard assemblies.

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