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Rafael Abage

Abage, Rafael.jpg

Major: Mechanical Engineering


Aerodynamics Member


As the Suspension Lead, I oversee the overall kinematics of the vehicle as well as the tuning of the vehicle. For the tuning, I tune the vehicle across a range of parameters to driver feedback and other analysis criteria to ensure the setup is fast and easy to operate. I change various aspects such as the camber, toe, ARB stiffness, etc to improve the setup of the car. Additionally, I use driver feedback to further modify and improve the setup. I do on-track analysis such as tire graining, temperatures (tires, ambient, and track), pressure, etc, and off-track analysis that helps improve the vehicle's setup and as a result generate faster lap times.


In the vehicle’s design phase, I am responsible for the kinematic locations of suspension pickup points. I change the inboard and/or outboard locations of points for control arms, pushrods, steering geometry, dampers, rockers, and anti-roll bars with models built in CAD and OptimumKinematics. I simulate the vehicle through various motions like heave, roll, pitch, or a combination of multiple movements to analyze the toe, camber, and other characteristics and ensure the tires are kept with optimal interactions to the ground. I also work closely with other systems such as structures, chassis, and aerodynamics to properly and seamlessly integrate our systems with one another.

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