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Eren Okuyucu

Major: Mechanical Engineering



As the Project manager, I work directly alongside the Chief Engineer to lead the team. As the Chief oversees the design and build of the car every year, I manage all business aspects for the team, including all sponsorship, procurement, recruitment, community outreach, and university relations. I am also responsible for managing the team's public image through social media, our website, and any other public appearances that we organize. Through this role, I strive to provide consistent and quick support for everyone else on the team, getting items ordered as soon as possible and finding gracious sponsors that would like to donate the materials, software, and funds necessary to operate at the capacity that we do.


To keep everyone on the same page, the team has weekly “leaders meetings” where I provide a weekly rundown of any updates regarding in-progress sponsorships, outstanding orders, and upcoming events. During these meetings, the team also takes time to discuss current recruits and how we can help them continue to learn and grow into future leaders of the team.

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