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Kosta Sergakis

Sergakis, Kosta.jpg

Major: Electrical Engineering


EV Powertrain Lead

As the High Voltage Powertrain Lead, I am responsible for the design, testing, and development of all EV powertrain system components; this includes software, PCB design, accumulator design, and HV wiring. In addition to my design roles, I am responsible for ensuring the safety of team personnel through the use and enforcement of strict safety standards and procedures, alongside the incorporation of safety features and redundancies of the vehicle itself.


I am responsible for the firmware programming for various powertrain modules such as the Battery Management System, Motor Controller/Inverter, and Vehicle Control Unit. I also use the Autodesk Eagle CAD software and Arduino programming language to assist the Low-Voltage Electronics Lead with the design and embedded programming for the various powertrain-related PCBs on the vehicle. I also handle the accumulator/battery design for the vehicle, maintaining serviceability, reliability, and safety, while managing packaging and weight constraints.

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