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Manan Patel

Major: Electrical Engineering


Electronics Manager


As the Electrical Lead, I am responsible for the design, testing, and development of all low-voltage electronic systems on the car; this includes the wiring harness, low-voltage power distribution, PCB design, data acquisition, and software.

Using the RapidHarness software, I design the wire harness to maintain reliability and serviceability while minimizing weight. I also oversee the manufacturing of the watertight, fully sealed, motorsport-spec harness, in which concentric twisting is employed to maintain flexibility and durability.

I utilize the Autodesk Eagle CAD software to design various PCBs on the vehicle while balancing design criteria such as board temperature rise, signal filtering, packaging constraints, and vibrations. These are primarily used for low-voltage power distribution, data acquisition, and safety systems, among other things.


In addition to my low-voltage system responsibilities, I work closely with the High-Voltage lead to assist with the development of our brand-new EV powertrain system, as well as ensuring that this system integrates smoothly with the current low-voltage system.

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