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Nasif Zaman

Major: Mechanical Engineering


Operations Lead

As the Chief Engineer, I lead the technical development of the entire vehicle. I work to manage the System Leads in their design, manufacturing, and testing by maintaining our timelines and other task management tools. I also direct the general workflow of the vehicle by making vehicle-level decisions based on the develop generated by each member and provide technical advice where necessary.  

I also fulfil a technical role within the team – the Simulation Lead – where I am responsible for using Lap Time Simulation (LTS) software to replicate our vehicle’s physical behaviors. I conduct studies to determine sensitivities of our vehicle to criteria like track width, wheelbase, aerodynamic maps, engine/motor power, and vehicle inertias. The results and analysis of these studies are critical in developing vehicle-level goals each year. This technical role has an additional testing aspect, where I develop vehicle testing plans and vehicle/driver Key Performance Indicators (KPI). I meet with System Leads to create thorough testing regiments and conduct effective data analysis/KPI. Implementing plans with predetermined vehicle setups maximizes utilization of testing days. 

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