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Niheera Aedla

Aedla, Niheera.jpg

Major: Mechanical Engineering


Aerodynamics Lead

As the Aerodynamics Lead, I am responsible for overseeing and contributing to the design and manufacturing of the vehicle's aerodynamic package which includes the front wing, rear wing, undertray, and side pods. The goal of the aerodynamic package is to achieve maximum downforce whilst minimizing drag.


I primarily use two software applications; Siemens NX to design our aerodynamic package, and Siemens Star-CCM+ as our CFD simulator. These software applications allow us to design and evolve our aerodynamic package, sculpting a vehicle that will be quick in the straights and agile in the corners.


I also collaborate with the other systems to guarantee seamless vehicle integration. This is extremely important since we have to be considerate of other systems and their projects. We make sure that none of our mountings interfere with or compromise other aspects of the vehicle. The aerodynamics team also works closely with cooling to direct air to areas and components of the car that need to be cooled.

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