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Ronak Patel

Patel, Ronak.jpg

Major: Mechanical Engineering


Project Manager

As the Drivetrain lead, a subsystem of the Powertrain system, I am responsible for the design and maintenance of the driveline and shifting system. The driveline system consists of components that transfer the power from the engine out to the wheels. I research and implement techniques that improve both the functionality and reliability of the system while trying to maximize efficiency. Once the system is designed, manufactured, and assembled, I perform various maintenance tasks to make sure each component is within operating specifications before, during, and after any competition or testing days.


As the Outboard Assemblies lead, a subsystem of the Suspension system, I am in charge of designing and developing the outboards of the car. The location of the outboards is referred to as the “corners” of the car, or where the wheels are. It is my responsibility to provide a reliable structure to which the various aspects of the outboards can connect. These aspects include the brakes system, the suspension system (control arms, pushrods, tie rods), drive shafts, as well as numerous sensors to monitor and report information. In addition to these responsibilities, I assist in other aspects of the suspension system when needed.

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